Brøndums Snaps

Brøndums Snaps – the oldest ‘snaps’ brand in Denmark is a key part of social and festive occasions. But it was perceived as being out of touch with younger consumers.

What story did Brøndums Snaps want to tell?
Brøndums is one of the oldest registered trademarks in the country. As new types of alcoholic beverages entered the market and captured younger generations of consumers, Brøndums needed to rethink their marketing and positioning to remain relevant.

How did we tell their story?
As it turns out, Brøndums has a number of ardent fans. There’s an engaged community of loyal snaps enthusiasts who consider the drink crucial to social gatherings. Many of whom are not who you would think. We decided to portray a type of snaps drinker who was different from that of the perceived core audience and showcase Brøndums as the social glue of a community.


Film and SoMe.