Campari – the storied Italian aperitif enters the Danish art scene.

What story did Campari want to tell?
When you think of Campari, you think of refreshing drinks on long summer days and a beautiful red colour. Awareness of Campari is high, but the brand was considered old-fashioned and needed to position itself differently in a country with fewer summer days than Campari’s native Italy.

How did we tell their story?
Campari is more than just an aperitif. The brand has a rich history of being a patron of the arts, and it is world renowned for its posters. The ‘Campari Artist of the Year’ campaign continues this rich heritage with a Danish angle. Since 2019, we have collaborated with Campari to identify a Danish artist to compete for the honour of creating the yearly Campari poster. The first one was created by the Danish artist Søren Behncke. It took less than 48 hours for the entire run of his interpretation of the classic Campari poster to sell out.

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