Molslinien – the ferry lines that connect Denmark and make your journeys something to look forward to.

What story did Molslinjen want to tell?
Molslinjen is your shortcut through Denmark with their many domestic ferry routes. But they want to be more than just transportation. They want to make travel an experience that is about more than going from A to B.

How did we tell the story?
Whether you’re in need of a great cup of coffee or some entertainment while you wait to drive onboard the ferry, Molslinjen wanted to ensure you were having a unique and rewarding experience. So, not only did we help them design their own on-board franchise, Barista’s Coffee Shop, but we also built light shows to entertain and awe at the departure and arrival harbours in Aarhus and Odden. We are currently working on more fun projects to engage guests throughout the travel experience, so stay tuned.

Design of name and logo of Barista’s Coffee Shop, as well as concept and idea for the light show.