First of all, we don’t like to think about people as ‘clients’. We prefer to partner with people who share our passion for bringing their brand’s story to life in a powerful and engaging way.

Click the case study links below to read more about projects we have collaborated on.

Nice Hair

NiceHair – The Danes’ favourite one-stop beauty shop that believes beauty is about accentuating who you are.


Campari – the storied Italian aperitif enters the Danish art scene.


FDM is a membership organization that represents Danish car owners to make their lives as drivers easier, cheaper, and more fun.


Aperol – the refreshing orange drink that adds sparkle to summer days and beyond.

Nordisk Film

Nordisk Film – producer and distributor of award-winning Danish and international films.

Brøndums Snaps

Brøndums Snaps – the oldest ‘snaps’ brand in Denmark is a key part of social and festive occasions. But it was perceived as being out of touch with younger consumers.


Molslinien – the ferry lines that connect Denmark and make your journeys something to look forward to.